Stefano Contardo


Stefano has been with Improvon for 12 years and currently holds the position of Group CEO. Stefano’s role at Improvon entails coordinating all forms of development, construction, land and investment functions and ensuring that the business operates cohesively as a whole.

His multi-functional capabilities have seen him become a business leader in the property and development field and he continues to strive to add to society through achieving synergy and sustainability within the industry.

Jose Do Nascimento


Jose is a qualified chartered accountant and has been with Improvon for over seven years. He is an experienced Group Chief Financial Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the real estate industry.

He is skilled in operations management, strategic planning, management, restructuring, and leadership.

Charmaine Oliveira


Charmaine has been with Improvon for 13 years and has over 30 years’ legal experience. She currently holds the position of Legal Director. In her experience at Improvon she has attended and overseen all legal matters including company secretarial, litigation, conveyancing, acquisitions and disposal of portfolios, the opening of sectional title schemes, the drafting and negotiation of lease agreements and other commercial agreements.

She is committed to provide professional quality attendances to all legal related matters with a strong emphasis on sound work ethics.

Grenville Philips


Grenville has been with Improvon for 12 years. He is responsible for Human Resource Development and Management.

He is an HR professional who works closely with the organisation’s senior leaders in order to implement an HR strategy that supports the overall aims of the Group.